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Tailored Preforms (2D/3D)

3D tailored preform


2D tailored preform


Principle: tailored net shape, tailored fiber orientation (360°)



  • Produced from spread continuous fiber & binder material
  • Tailored fiber architecture, tailored net shape
  • Virtual prototyping, provision of FEM data set for structural simulation

Your Benefit

  • Load optimized preforms at competitive cost
  • Design support for optimization of weight/performance ratio
  • Ready to pick & place on your preforming line (2D preform) or injection tool (3D preform)
  • Get started without investing in machines and software

Price example

  • 2D disc with 180 cm diameter – Surface weight: 1,800 g/m2
  • Volume: 30,000 preforms, 50 K roving
  • 3 fiber orientations (0°/+/- 60°), 6 layers
  • Price/kg preform: from 31 €



  • Roving types: Toray T 620, SGL Sigrafil C30, Mitsubishi TRW, others on request
  • Binder material: Momentive 5390, others on request
  • Surface weight: Standard: 150 g/m2 or 300 g/m2 per layer, others on request

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+49 7152 56901 10