Preforming machinery


Direct roving preforming: Our patented manufacturing technology allows you to make 3D Preforms from pure rovings in a fully automated process.

How it works

  • Multiple carbon rovings are fed to a laying head, e.g. 16 rovings with a titre of 50 K (3,300 tex).
  • Roving application is based on an edge fixation principle: the rovings are attached only to the edge of a preforming tool. Binder material can be applied between fiber layers.
  • The rovings can be individually handled, enabling contours with minimal waste.

Machine performance

A plant that operates with 16 rovings with 3300 tex can layup an area of 1 m² with two orientations with a layup rate of 30 kg/hour. For a simple preform weighing 1 kg this results in a cycle time of 2 minutes.
General rule: the larger the part and the lower complexity, the higher the layup rate.
A machine applying 64 large glass rovings simultaneously on a part surface of 15 m² will achieve layup rates of 200 kg per hour.