Your benefit

Virtual process chain

Our software generates the desired fiber layup from your CAD model. Shape and fiber layup are used to derive a dataset for a structural simulation, and the manufacturability of your part  is also verified. Thus it is possible to optimise the shale and fiber layup before tooling investments are made.

Cost reduction and quality

Our machinery processes the cheapest raw material: pure carbon or glass rovings. The rovings are applicated by an automated system with high throughput and low waste levels. The cost of goods manufactured is reduced – for many applications significantly.

The fiber layup is created with our software in a CAD program and translated into the robot movement program. The application of the rovings can be directly in 3D and is fully automated. This allows for high placement precision and integrated quality control.


Thanks to direct 3D roving application and the possibility to apply widths down to single rovings, our process allows high flexibility in shaping and fiber layup.

Technology introduction step by step

You start by outsourcing to us. Once the volumes are high enough for you to justify your own equipment, we will build and install it for you and also transfer running preform production to you.