Your application

Componet shapes

Our technology is particularly suitable for large-area components in structural applications; these can be highly three-dimensional, for example in vehicles, wind turbines, aerospace, machinery and the sport and leisure industries.



We can offer a high level of flexibility in fiber layup that you can utilize to exploit the lightweight potential of fiber-reinforced composites. Features are:

– 360° fiber orientation
– local reinforcements for force application
– the combination of different continuous fibres (carbon, glass)
– direct three-dimensional preforming

Production volume

Our process is ideal for high production volumes. The break even volume that will reduce your cost depends on your application. Typically, our process is more cost-effective than others starting from production volumes of several hundred parts.

A base machine can layup preforms of 1 m² surface area with a layup rate of up to 30 kg per hour. Thus a preform weighing 1 kg can be produced in a cycle time of 2 minutes.

We can customize machinery for your special needs (e.g. components for the rotor blades of wind turbines) that process a higher number of rovings simultaneously and thus achieve significantly higher layup rates. Please contact us to discuss your application!